About Prothermoform

Prothermoform was formed by Roy Ford and Mark Oribine, after selling their interest in a large vacuum forming company. The goal is to create an intimate experience for customers who have products requiring their experience and new technologies Prothermoform can offer.

Together, they have over 60 years of thermoforming experience. Their longevity is due to excellent customer service and exceptional craftsmanship.

As "hands-on" owners, Roy & Mark have continued their development of advanced software and new equipment - essential to staying on top of the ever advancing world of thermoforming and vacuum forming.

Mark Oribine handles customer sales and product development. Relying on his thermoforming design experience, he'll lead you through the critical product development stage, which includes design, prototype development and tooling. Mark's experience in other fields, such as metal fabrication, welding and painting, certainly are an asset when interfacing thermoformed products with other materials and processes. Vacuum formed Interior components for Truck, Bus and Construction Equipment are examples of steel fabricated cabs and plastic interior components coming together. Mark has worked closely with some of the largest manufacturers and most innovative companies around.

When it comes to production, Roy Ford will apply his thirty years experience. Roy is considered one of the most experienced individuals in the thermoforming and vacuum forming industry. His knowledge and problem solving abilities are behind the constant development of new technology. Roy's experience is critical when forming products made from many different materials, each with their own unique characteristics.

Even when pushing thermoforming limitations, Roy and Mark have never taken on a job they could not successfully make. This is further assurance that your project will be done right.