Prothermoform utilizes highly modified rotary and shuttle thermoforming machines to form a wide variety of materials with deep draw ratios and complex shapes. Prothermoform has large part capability up to 6 x 11 feet and can form sheets .060” through to .500” thick.

Sheets are made specific to the customer’s requirements. Custom colors, texture, fire rating and other options are made with specific dimensions and gages. Special multi-layer co-extruded sheet can be made for high gloss and UV protection applications as well as laminates like carbon fiber or wood grain.

Commonly formed materials

ABS, HMWPE, HDPE, Styrene, HIPS, Acrylic

Materials for specific applications

Kydex, Lexan, Chrystal/HIPS, PETG, TPO, Polypropylene, DR/ABS, ASA/ABS, Polycarbonate/ABS, Sintra, PVC, TPU, PMMA, Rubber

Common brands

Lexan, Bayer, G.E., LyondellBasell, Mytex, Dow, DuPont, BASF, Kleerdex, Makrolon, CYRO, Paxon

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